Our Library

KIFID Library

Library in an academic institution has the responsibility of providing its users useful resources both for academic and recreational purposes. We at KIFID, are determined to follow one rule, I e make our user happy and keep them satisfied with our services.We have a special collection of books for competitive and general reading purpose. (Books added mostly by the recommendation of the students in this section).
Digital Library
We have a computer section in the library, where the students can browse internet, read E-Journals and use the internet for other academic related purposes.
We are member of DELNET (Developing Library Network) a Library Network of many reputed Libraries encompassing Information of about one million bibliographic records, Books, Journals, etc.
Reading Room
We have an Air conditioned reading section, where students can enhance their knowledge in a comfortable environment.

The library activities are fully automated using Smart Library System & Visual Basic library software. As stated earlier the library is a member of INDEST-AICET Consortium. Through this Consortium, our research scholars, students and faculty members have easy access to International Journals published by IEEE, etc.

Departmental Libraries
There is a department library in each department with a good collection of books. The staff and students use the department libraries regularly.

Value Added Sevices (Library) –
» Access to open source of information collections.
» Bibliographic search facility through Author and Subject Catalogs.
» Audio – Video viewing.
» Photo copy service.
» Inter-library – Loan within campus.
» Orientation / initiation reference book.
» Selective Dissemination of Information. (SDI)
» Current Awareness Service.(CAS)
» Abstract Service.(AS)
» Indexing Service.(IS)
» Translation Service.(TS)
Initiatives and Facilities
» E-library
» CDs
» Library Catalogs i.e Author & Subject
» LAN (Local Area Network)
Special Collections
» Develop your Personality
» Yoga
» Books on Competitive Examination
» General Awareness
» Higher Technical Education
» Reasoning
» General Awareness