Fashion Photography (Diploma)

JD Institute presents an inspirational, far reaching course in Fashion Photography, a speciality that has significantly grown in commercial and professional importance in the last decade or so.

Today, a good Fashion Photographer is highly sought after and commands a highly respectable and lucrative position in the higher echelons of the Fashion Industry.

A skilfully captured image is a priceless rendition of quality, of brand value and is immensely marketable. Combine this skill of capturing the perfect images with subjects that are glamorous and attention grabbing- what you have is photographic magic.


Our course in Fashion Photography is designed to hone your latent photographic skills- giving you a 360 Degree advantage that helps you capture that perfect image. The basics of photography are followed by advanced skills, practical tips, interactions with industry stalwarts and an assignment centric approach that help you weed out any errors in your technique.

Duration: 3 Months/ 6 Months
Course Fee: 25,000/- (3 Months) 45,000/- (6 Months)

Recommended for:
Anyone with a love for photography and fashion industry.
Fashion Professionals, Amateurs or even beginners.