The library activities are fully automated using Smart Library System & Visual Basic library software. As stated earlier the library is a member of INDEST-AICET Consortium. Through this Consortium, our research scholars, students and faculty members have easy access to International Journals published by IEEE, etc.

Departmental Libraries

There is a department library in each department with a good collection of books. The staff and students use the department libraries regularly.

Value Added Sevices (Library)

» Access to open source of information collections.
» Bibliographic search facility through Author and Subject Catalogs.
» Audio – Video viewing.
» Photo copy service.
» Inter-library – Loan within campus.
» Orientation / initiation reference book.
» Selective Dissemination of Information. (SDI)
» Current Awareness Service.(CAS)
» Abstract Service.(AS)
» Indexing Service.(IS)
» Translation Service.(TS)

Initiatives and Facilities

» E-library
» CDs
» Library Catalogs i.e Author & Subject
» LAN (Local Area Network)

Special Collections

» Develop your Personality
» Yoga
» Books on Competitive Examination
» General Awareness
» Higher Technical Education
» Reasoning
» General Awareness